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Perro blanco explorando entre las hojas verdes y las ramas.

Gauzon Bichon Frize


  We are dog breeders who are passionate about what we do and our animals. We make sure to maintain the highest possible standards in a loving and caring environment. Breeding healthy, beautiful, affectionate and calm nature specimens. Maintaining all the physical and behavioral characteristics that make the curly-haired Bichon the perfect companion dog.


  The Bichon Frize is a self-confident, outgoing, lively and playful dog that will delight any family. His great creativity and intelligence, high sociability, easy adaptation, good relationship with children, innate goodness, undeniable beauty and cheerful character. In addition, being hypoallergenic are among its many qualities that should not be forgotten.


  All of our dogs receive a diet of the highest quality. Our litters are based on the health of the future children, the character they will inherit and the well-being of mothers and children. Keeping at all times a respect for the breed which in turn is a guarantee of excellence and seriousness.  Our goal is to preserve and protect this wonderful breed of dog.



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