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Dos perros blancos esponjosos sentados en un paño con velas y flores de orquídea.

Responsible and familiar breeding of Bichon Frize


  Welcome to Bichón Frisé de Gauzón. Under this affix we breed exclusively Bichón Frize due to the great passion and strong predilection we feel for this canine breed, which has been, is and will be a fundamental part of our lives. Bichón Frisé de Gauzón is a wonderful idea that was born with the illusion of making this incredible breed of dogs known. This project is based on effort, trust and continuous progress under the umbrella of responsible, ethical and family breeding.

  Our furry friends are the most faithful and noble companions we could ever have imagined having. They live with us in the middle of nature, in the mountains, as just another members of our family. Our life takes place in a completely homelike environment. Thanks to this we managed to obtain a very good socialization of our specimens, ensuring that they are fully adapted to domestic life.


  We want to get our dogs to show the typicality of the breed by focusing on their health, character and morphology, which makes them perfectly balanced. Always keeping a deep respect towards the standard of the Bichón Frize that marks the International Cynological Federation (FCI) which granted us the affix "GAUZON" with the support of the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) for the breeding of purebred dogs .


                      Josy and Miguel

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